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Introduction to Korea

Korea is the country that I really wish to visit. Korea is divided into 2: South Korea and North Korea. It is a developed country. There are many beautiful places can be found in the Korea. The staple food is KIMCHI. I really like KIMCHI RAMYUN (noodle). Kimchi already found in the year 2600-3000 years ago. Since I haven't eat KIMCHI, so when I visit Korea, for sure, Kimchi will be the first food that I try.. Hee..

Here is the Photo of KIMCHI..

Drink that Korean usually drink are Rice wine, Sikhye (Havent seen), Boricha(Havent seen), coffee, and Tea.. Especially at the village, they use to drink rice wine which also known as Soju. I don't know what is the taste. But, I will try to get the information of that particular drinks in some other stay tune with my blog.. :D

Here is the photo of RICE WINE..

Nice Bottle right?

There are several places which are usually visit by the tourist such as Seoul, Cheju Island, Kyongju and Pusan. I will try to fid the information of that places in the next blog.. Ok then, thanks for reading my blog..I will makeit more intersting later.. :D