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Now, I wanna talk about korean food. There are variety of korean food which looks delicious but I haven't taste yet..Hee..From what I found, there are various types of Kimchi in Korea. I had found in the internet the different kind of food and noodle in Korea. The food is usually hot and spicy.

Variety of Kimchi.. Korean usually eat Kimchi with Ramyun/ Ramen and mix with rice. It can be their additional food when having dinner, or lunch..

This is Kimbab. It likes sushi roll with seaweed.

This is for BBQ. They do BBQ when gathering or doing a mini party.

This is called Sundae. But I didn't really know what is this made from. For those who know, please tell me..hee..

Other kind of food..

This is really unique and beautiful..

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