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Ok, Last 10th January, We are doing MA'AL Hijrah which is for celebrating the new year for muslim. The event was held in our house and it was celebrated only for the close family. We start the function in the afternoon during lunch. Early n the morning, me and my sister went to Mum's Bakery to buy some food as dessert and appertizer during the function. My sisters and mum do some preparation such as cooking. The menu are:

1. Chicken Rice

2. BBQ Roasted Chicken

3. Kolomee

4. Beef Curry

5. Rojak

6. Sandwiches

7. CurryPuff

8. Custard Puff

9. Coconut Tart

10. Cake Roll

11. Tiramisu

12. Cocktail

13. Drinks

Then, The function start on around 12 o'clock which is start by "Doa Selamat". And after that, the eating ceremony start..Haha..

Here is the picture of my sister cooking while posing.. :D


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