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Saturday Night Dinner

Today is 26th January 2008 in which today is a payday..hee.. so, Every month my family will do a "Saturday Night Dinner" after the payday..All the food is sponsored among those who got salary. Since im still a student, so im lucky because i don't have to sponsor any food, and all I need to do is just eating and did BBQ..
This month, we did grilling the chicken with Blackpepper sauce, sausage and Crabstick.

My sister in law cooked Kolomee, 3 types of Prawn and some dessert.
There are too much food which we don't have enough stomach to fill in..haha..
We did grill outside the house, and unfortunately there's an heavy rain..But, it still a successful
Saturday Night Dinner..

They are Happy Grill the chicken..Hee..

My Niece and nephews preapre the Blackpepper sauce for the chicken

I'm trying to make some modification on the sauce..

He is stirring the chicken..At first, it is very tasteless..
Then, we add some salt and he stir it..hee..

They are doing competition who will finish their drink fast..


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