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On the 14th January, My friends and I doing school trip to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia. The trip is from 14.01.07 till 19.01.2007..It was reaaly a fun trip. We are 70 peoples altogether and using 2 buses to go there. It was very titing journey, but I am really enjoy it..It was a nice place and there are a lot of Shooping complex. The main attraction is Mount Kinabalu because the place is really nice.

This is the picture while waiting for the bus to depart. We were waiting for the bus at ITB.

First day, we arrived to KK at about 4.30 pm. Then, we check in at Marina court. After we did unpacking thing, did shopping at Centrepoint. But, since this is just the beginning of the trip, thus me and my friends just did a survey and aiming what will we buy later..hee..

We're at Marina Apartment

SECOND DAY - We went to Mount Kinabalu and Poring Hot spring. It is early in the morning. We went to National Park.

At National Park..

At Poring Hotspring

At Zen Garden Resort - We Check in here and there is a BBQ for all of us. There are Chicken, Sausages, Prawn BBQ. We're just hangout, chatting and eating..haha..

THIRD DAY - Early in the morning we check out from Zen Garden Resort. Then we used bus to go to Kundasang Market. The market sold Handicraft from Kota Kinabalu..All are nice and cheap.

After do shopping at Kundasang, then we go to "Taman Buaya"..There's a lot of crocodila and other animals. There are a performance of tradisional dancing from KK and crocodile performance..

FOURTH DAY - We went to "Menukan Island". We need to use bus to go to the terminal. Then using a boat to go to the island. The island is a bit far from KK town. There a lot of activities such as playing Banana Boat, Flying Fish and to name a few..hee. All the games we need to pay, but it's really fun. The sea view is extremely beautiful and the water is really clean..We're really enjoy!!!!

Finally, We did free shopping at night..It really great and tiring..We went to a lot of shopping complex and in the morning next day, we GO HOME!! We need to sit in the bus for about 8 hours..Hee..
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