Helloo...Welcome to my blog. Birby Nanako is my nick name..I will write blog when I feel bored..

My Zetty


Now, I wanna talk about my nieces..She's my youngest niece and she always stay at my room during day time coz his daddy n mommy working, so she just stay with my mom..She's really naughty and extremely active..She's coming 3 years old..She sometimes stay at my room till night until his daddy force him to go home..My brother's house is just next to ours..Heee..She's really cute and sometimes acting cute..And the word that she said when she saw her picture is "Cute eh.. "..So sweet.. she likes pink and any kind of barbie just like me..hee..everydy she did many differnt kind of activities..

Today, since she saw me reading a book then she told me to accompany, just let her be..rather that looking her hopping and jumping in from of me..annoying~~..then, I'm bored reading a book then he took my book and she read my book..What a shame..Hee..I know what she read is just mumbling..hee..Then, while looking at her, so I took her picture lah..then she's eager to see and as usual she said "CUTE EH..MO G.."


Then, I fetched my nephew from Ugama school and bring her along..Along my way, she keep on talking and this show me that she's really talkative..kalah aku..Hee.. Then, Once we went back home, she heard that my songs that I play at laptop is enjoyable..Since she loves dancing, then she keep on dancing and I keep on taking her picture..Hee..And she loves being photo..sometimes her attitude make me angry but if she's not come to our house, I will text her syster to send her to our house..Just for us to make her cry..Gigit lah tu sikit..Hee....Not a good Aunty..hee...You know what, she always bullied her brother..Ganas eh..hee...









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