Helloo...Welcome to my blog. Birby Nanako is my nick name..I will write blog when I feel bored..

My activity and Watching Hulk wif 4 Dudes..Guess Who??hee..

Today, I had done a lot of activities...Some are awesome, and some are cool and some are Hayung..haha...

After having our CDC test, Wan and me went to hospital to visit my uncle and his uncle..Both are admitted in Ward 4 and Ward 22 respestively..Such a sympathy condition..My uncle immediately lost his memory and he didn't knew who am I..Then, Wan's uncle also sick and I didn't really such what is that..


Sorry..Forgot to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Hardy..Hee...

Then around 7 pm, me and Wan went to The Mall to watch Hulk..At first we're planning to watch "The Happening".. Since we're the species of MEMAJAL, thus we asked the counter if there is any seats available for Hulk show..Lucky us, there are 6 seats available..Although we're not seat in the same row..At least we watched Hulk..Update yo..haha..It's incredibly marvelous and cool...haha..Then we went to Food court to have our dinner...Hee...

The best thing is the 3 dudes gave me cute and beautiful bag as a gift..I like it..Thanks guy..Luv u...haha...Also acun gave me a cute mug/cup..hee...I really like it...Hee...Thanks U..Muah...haha..



P/S: Juan, please improve your photography skill..haha...


This is the bag from 3 dudes: Hot/Sexy Juan, Superb voice Dayat and Alai Babi Alim..

Lucky me to be as your best friend..As a feedback you r my best friends who live in Brunei..haha......

Cute wrapping..heee..From: Penyamal/TS Acun

I Like it...Coolll.....


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