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Pick Pocket at Mall Game Arcade..

Now I wanna share about pick pocket..This is holiday season in Brunei, so there's a lot of kids and teenagers bing drop by their parents at their mall..I just wanna warn to the parent please be aware with your children..Make sure that their wallet in their hand and their handphone in their bag...There a growth in number of pick pocket at the Mall..

Today, my nephew is the victim of the pick pocket..While he playing games at Arcade mall, he didn't realizes that his wallet is already lost..At first, he was sure that his wallet was in pocket..There a cash of $40 in his wallet...How can a pick pocket dare to stole the money from a kid of just 10 years old..Really cruel..He already save it for about 2 month..And it immediately stole bya a cruel stupid and S**T person..

That is the matter..But I just curious why is it that the security is just sitting outside..Why didn't he did patrol at least every 30 minutes...Also why is it that such a crowd place, but there is no CCTV being installed...At least they can install CCTV so that they could keep on monitoring the customer..As the security said that this case already happened many time..since it occur many time, why didn't the owner of arcade take an action??


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