Helloo...Welcome to my blog. Birby Nanako is my nick name..I will write blog when I feel bored..



Sorry, I didn't come to ITB today..I'm totally overslept..But, it's ok coz I didn't promise to anyone..So I'm not felt guilty..I wake up at around 11am..Oh no!!Dasar Pemalas...Haha

Then, I just did my NAM assignment..While doing assignment, I eat ice cream..And this is when my niece, Zety come into my room..She's nagging for my ice crem..But sorry, I'm a cruel aunty.. I ate infront of her without giving her a single bite..She's keep on nagging me..haha..Then, finally, I asked her t close her eyes..Finally, here it is..ICE CREAM!! A new one...hee...


My shopping

I went shopping today with my sis..We went to Nazmi Textile Mall..We bought textile for hari raya..It's gonna be for our family uniform..Our colour theme gonna be dark like brown..although I like pink but for baju raya, I like brown..we bought 41 meter for men and 49 meter for woman..YeaYea.

Then, we went to The Mall to do cr payment at Baiduri..I just knew that there is a Computer exhibition there..We walk and walk and walk again..Finally you know what I buy??

I bought external harddisk again with 250GB...
Yippe..I can store my MP3 in it..Now I got to harddisk with storage if 160GB and 250GB also 2 pendrives with storage of 1GB afnd 2GB...haha..What am I going to store???????????

I think I...

Today, I'm not in a mood..I don't know how to start this blog..I really hate this..I talk to him/her about something that he/she might know...I felt like I talk to the stone or wall or I don't know..I thought I don't have to keep on talking to him/her coz he/she might know already..But what happened, he/she didn't understand..What the f**k...I know everytime I talk, he/she just say YES which means NO..He/she just shows that he/she understand which means NO...I really hate this..Malas ku kan cakap gi.. I know I might be annoying but I have a feeling as well..At least tell me or reply me if you didn't understand.. Or why don't you just say "Go away, Talk to your self..." Next time, malas ku kan cakap gi...


On the 28th July, we did ice breaking with our junior intake 24..It was held at Bukit Shahbandar from 8am till 4.30 pm..It really fun and the juniors are really supportive and cooperative..even the lecturers also join the games..We're having fun...Sorry for the picture, coz not all the game i took the pictures..I'm busy with food preparation so kurang lah menggambar..I had alert some people in certain picture..I'm alerting them not because they are handsome, hot or beautiful..But because of their freakinezz..So, tell me why am I alert them in those picture..Hee... :)



Forgot to put alert on the guy with red shirt..Haha...










The day before ice breaking with CIS intake 24, Wan stay overnight at my house to help for the food preparation. We're involved in food section..After we did cutting fishball, tofu and fill in the water into the tank, we blow the balloon..Then, while we're boring, so me, wan and wiechan (my bro) play SamChung and Uno..It's fun till we didn't realise that it's already 1, we need to sleep coz need to wake up at 3 am..haha..


Yesterday, me and my family celebrating birthday party for all the my family who are born on july...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to:
NONNA - 31/07/2008
MARL - 18/07/1008
VOY - 31/07/2008
WIECHAN - 5/07/2008
NADIN - 22/07/2008

We're having fun...Yippee..........Haha...The party start from 12 noon till 9pm..So tiring and but worth it..Malas ku kn ceta..Just have a look at my picture attached...












Today, we rent a bouncer for brthday occasion tomorrow..We're played the slide and it's totally

enjoyable..Haha..even bouncer also SIOKKKKKKKKKKKKKK....We're going to continue playing tomorrow till nite...YeaYea...

My Apology....

I would like to apologize to my bestfriend for hurting you..I don't know that y response is totally hurt you..hope you could accept my apologize..We're still friend ok.....Hope you reply my MSN and Msg...Karang sentiasa aku felt guilty....SORRY my FRIEND........................... :) for you...



I just wanna show my activities for this 2 days..haha..Just for your review....

I think this photo I took while doing our meeting MWA..I brought my headband...How cute they are wearing those headband..haha...ALERT tu eh..haha

Today we lunch at sumbangsih before did shopping...Nyaman n Murah....haha...

Yesterday, me,Wan, Amy and Gjul B have our hi tea at CA mohammad..hee...

Today, we did shopping for Ice breaking CIS...


Sory Din.....Happy Bithday to Nadin..It belated birthday..Actually it's on 22nd July..Wish you all da best and good luck with everything especially in your future and study..Sorry for not celebrating your birthday and enjoy your late birthday celebration..Hadiah atu nda ku bagi dulu..Ku liatkan saja dulu ah..hee...


Today, I'm not in a mood..I don't know why...Yang konfomnya, aku mrah ganya..padahal dari pagi sampai balik ke rumah petang aku aku happy saja..even handphone ku kana tapuk pun nda ku ingau..kan ku tinggalkan aja..langsung nada kan marah or mengamuk..sekali sudah dtg ke rumah, kan marah saja wh..baik jua aku tidur dulu...mun nda lagi ca kali kan marah sj..

Tadi siang, aku kami buat meeting for CIS ice breaking and suprise party for Yanti..haha..ngalih kami buat plan..tapi nda jua brapa menjadi..tapi ahirnya success pulang..apakan?haha....paning jua ku cetaku ni eh...Yang penting:

Then, tadi aftr balik ITB aku n my sis jalan lah g..survey bouncer and finally we made a decision of what bouncer to rent..haha...And kami jalan to The Mall untuk bali kasut..tapi sayangnya nada yang nda tah kami jadi..that't the end of my ectivity...pastu malam aku tido and sudah bangu, moody sedunia tia ku...sasak eh................................................


MY WHAT!!!!!


As usual today I went to ITB to do my SDP..I did my SDP with Wan only..Cian..Most of the student went to chancellor hall of UBD to help for new intake registration..Then, in the afternoon we went out for lunch at FarmBasket Restaurant..It's my first time I went there and the taste is quite good.. The price is worth with the quantity..You should Try it..Haha...

Then after lunch we went somewhere to do our research for CN assignment..It's a good activities and I got a lot of information..Thanks to those who are offering us..Haha..I don't want to talk more about this..Then, I went to ITB to take my car..Luckily Gjul B,Amy and Mawar want to take their car at ITB as well..So I just join them..Yippee.....You know what, for intake 22, the CIS uniform siap sudah...LAWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I Like...hee....




Ok..There are 3 sessions of my activities..

First avtivities:
Meeting SDP with persatuan babi and then did shopping with my sister..We went to Gadong properties to eat dim sum..I ate chicken feet..Yummy..For those who don't like it, you should try...

Second Activities:
We'e celebrating birthday party for Marls, my Bro..It is an immediate and unplanned celebration..We're just make a simple party and bought a cakes..I gave him Dragonballz figure as a of his present are the collection from dragonballz, his favourite collection..hee..


Third Activities:
I played pingpong with my brothers..I started played at 4pm..then stop at 5.30 pm..again while waiting for the party to start, I played pingpong again with birthday boy..Then, after the party I played again..I took a shower after all my activities done..Haha..TERUKkkk.....


Now, I felt extremely i do surfing..I lookfor the new background and still boring..Then, I read the blogs...there's just a few updates made by my friends...Hee...

While listening to "I can't smile without you" then I access to pyzam n pimp my profile website..and I saw this I edit my template lah..haha...boring jua cetaku ah..Yang penting aku pun paning meliat templateku yang baru ah..tapi biar tah tani sama2 paning meliat warnanya yg semerlah atu ah..ahah....ok then, aku kn meliat tv g..gotta go..Bye bye..I can't smile without you~~~~~~~~

My Wednesday


As usual today I had a meeting with Gjul B and Dynie for our NAM assignment..Oh no!! I'm Late...I know I'm a janji melayu..Haha.. I'm late for half an hour..Suppose we did meeting at 9.30 but I came at 10.00 am.. Hee...Luckily they were not angry with me.. Then we did meeting till 12 noon..

Then, me with persatuan babi and Gjul B and da gang went out for lunch at's been a long tme I didn't come..There are a lot of food which makes me difficult to choose..Finally I ate Nasi katok together with Milo shake..Hee...

Then we went to the Mall..We did shopping till we're tired..And this is a great window shopping..ALERT!! I saw cTangan and cHot..Wow..They're still gorgeous and Hot..hahaha...But now, cTangan gonna be my first list..haha..Unfortunately, at ground floor I saw a freak person..Who? ALERT again..cPhotocopy and cCina..I don't want to talk more about them..

Then, after mall, we went to Plaza Athirah..We went to all textile shops...Hee..But i didn't buy any of them..Yea Yea..I manage to control myself from shopping..Walaupun banyak dugaan..Haha..Then we went to First metro and Amy bought Chiffon and some Kain..hee...Again, congratulations to me..I didn't buy anything even at First emporium..Hahah...

Finally, we went back to ITB again to get our car coz we're just joining Gjul B's car..Hee..Then, we went home..Then, at home I played pingpong with my bro from 9.30pm till 10.45 pm..haha...Still no improvement..hee..



Confession of Love

I had chat with my friend today and she gave me this link..
I read it and it sounds interesting.. It is the method/ ways how to do confession of love..There a many different ways..

The old fashion way: Call, blurt it out, and hang up.

Alternately: Call, don’t talk and dedicate play their favorite song. This seems kind of stupid, but romantic! You may look like a coward, and they won’t be 100% sure it’s you, but it’s enough to get their attention.

The romantic way: Give them a rose or a love letter, or draw something.

In other words, use your talents and make your statement as an artist. You can write something of your own, or copy a “I love you” quote or poem (you can find them after a brief search over the Web). You don’t have to give them yourself. You can leave them in their desk, their pocket or outside their house. You can also send them flowers (guys admit that they love being sent flowers) including a special dedication.

The heroic way: Throw it into their face

Better choose to tell them when they least expect to hear it, like when you are having dinner at a restaurant and they can’t overreact. However, you can tell them any time you want, when you are jogging together, when you are stuck in a traffic jam…just take a big breath and go for it!

The modern way: Send an e-mail gift card or text message.

This is less painful. You don’t have to look them in the eye while telling them. But you risk that they may not answer; at least not immediately. Maybe they won’t check their email, or may have forgotten their cell phone at home. In case they doesn’t answer you, can either assume that they don’t want to, or that you are a bit unlucky and their phone was stolen that day! If you can stand the entire waiting thing, you can try something like that.

The devious way: Make them tell you first.

You can simply ask them if they love you during a romantic night. They wouldn’t like to spoil the atmosphere - if you are not afraid to be a little more provocative, you can ask him between the sheets (the worst answer they can give you is yes). You can also ask in front of your friends during a conversation or during a table game. They’ll spit it out first, unless they want to make a fool out of themselves.

The childish way:

Besides funny notes and little hand-made presents, you can write a “I love you” note and tie it to a rock. Then throw the rock into their room. You might break a window or two, but it’ll be worth it. They say the only difference between a man and a boy are their toys. So, if that is true, he’ll love it!

The extreme way:
Print their photo, write “I love you” on it, and post it somewhere they’ll see it for sure! Which train do they take to go to work? Which building do they see every morning when they open their window? Does their house have an elevator? That’s a good choice!

Iz Lanja............


From what I realize, this week my luck always come..haha..I always being treat by my frens...Yea Yea...Haha...

Yesterday, Iz had treat me and Nurizzah at Ideal..We've been friend since our primary school..How lucky I am to have a friend yang ND BUANG BATU...hee...Actually, he wants to treat us last week, buat I got another plan, so we cancel..Before I had called Iz to postponed coz I had to accompany my sis to go somewhere..But, kesian jua.. Balik - balik sudah aku cancel ah..kacian jua tu..Baik jua my sis mau tukar the plan to go Limbang this sunday...So, aku jalan with them lah..He treat us at Ideal..You know what, it's been a long time I didn't dine in at Ideal Bandar..The purpose is for us to see Kg Ayer..Aku bekawan sama durang di sekolah rendah Kg Ayer kali ah..Suka ku eh..Kenangan jua tu...

Then, we went to Yayasan arcade to sing at Kbox..Oh no!! both of them got a superb voice.. aku saja yang uruk suara..Hayung..membari malu kan nyanyi..Tapi majal jua aku nyanyi..but just a few songs.. But not bad..Panya lawa jua sikit suaraku ah..nda jua pacah Kbox ah..Then, cHjh leave a bit early coz she got another me and Iz continued shopping at Yayasan..

By The way, Thanks Iz for the tret..Next time gonna be Hjh turn..hahaha...So jah, sediakan duit..Kami nda mau makan tampat murah..Haha..

SDP+Millenium Restaurant

Sorry, lste post..hee...Yesterday, me and persatuan babi went for our next SDP meeting at ITB..There's just few people in ITB..Boring..We di our SDP at 1F50..Oh Gosh you know what?? There no air cond in it..It totally hot and we opened all the window..What a Fresh Air.. We stop meeting till 1 pm then we had Lunch at Lamee... In the afternoon, Wan and me went to fitness zone to try cycling course..It extremely tiring and now, I got a muscle pain..Di paha gi tu..Payah kan jalan.. But today, I had to do jogging to reduce my muscle pain. but it's getting worst..I think I need to jog again tomorrow..

In the evening, I continue my activity..Me and my family went out for dinner at Millniuem Restaurant..The theme for that night is Australian food..It's promotion and the buffet is $28 per head..I had eaten a lamb..Yummy....Most of the food is cheesy..And the dessert is Yummy..You should try..Haha..Thanks to Meng for the treat...Yea Yea...

Back to my story about SDP meeting, While persatuan babi felt boring, so we took a photo..Luckily I bought my camera..So we're pose and posed and posed again..This is just a few photo I show you..If you want to see more, just contact me..Biar kamu hayung miat gambar kami..Hahah...



Dobeche ar suga obso namjadurui maum
-It’s impossible to understand what’s going through a guy’s heart

Wonhar ten anjeno da juni ijie tonande
- You told me that you wanted me and now that I’ve given you everything, you tell me you’re leaving

Ironjog choumirago nonun thugbyorhadonun
- You told me that it was the first time you felt this way, and said that I was special

Gu marur midosso nengen hengbogiosso
- I believed you.. And it was my happiness

Marur haji gnresso nega shirhojyoda go
- You should have told me that your feelings that faded

Nunchiga obnun nan nur bochegiman hesso
- I had no idea, and I continued depend on you

Nonur yoghamyonsodo manhi guriugayo
-Although I say I hate you now, I’ll be missing you

Sarangi jonbuin nanun yojainika
- Because I’m a girl, to whom love is everything

Modungar shibge da jumyon..Gambang shirhjungnenunge
- They said that when you give a guy all he wants he quickly gets bored

Namjara durosso thollin mar gathji anha
-And now I know that the truth...

Dashinun sogji anhuri maum mogo bojiman
- And although I tell my self, I’ll never be tricked by love again

Todashi sarange munojinuge yoja ya
- I fall in love, and my heart is broken again..

Marur haji guresso nega shirhojyoda go
-You should have told me that your feelings had faded

Nunchiga obnun nan nur bochegiman hesso
- I had no idea and I continued to depend on you

Monur yoghamyonsodo manhi guriugoya
- Although I say that U hate you now, I’ll be missing you

Sarangi jonbui nan yojainika
- Because I’m a girl, to whom love is everything

Modungor swibge da jumyon, gambang shirjugnenunge
- They say that when you give a guy all he wants he quickly get bored

Namjara durosso thollin mar gathjin anha
-And now I know that the truth...

Dashinum sagji anhuri maum mogo bojiman
- And although I tell myself, I’ll never be tricked by love again

Todashi sarange munojinunge yoja ya
- I fall in love, an my heart is broken again...

Marur haji guresso nega shirhojgoda go
- You should have told me that your feeling have faded

Munchigo obnun nan nur bochegiman nesso
- I had no idea, and I continued to depend on you

Sarangur ahihesoramyon modun da har su inun
- Please don’t break the hearts of girl who’ll do anything for love

Yojaui chaghan bonnungur iyong hajinum marajwo
- I did’nt know that living this life while being love would be so hard

Irohge himdurgo oryourjur mollasso
Norur yoghamyonsodo manhi guri urgoya
Sarangi jonbuin nanun yojainika
- Although I say I hate you now, I’ll be missing you because I’m a girl, to whom love is everything

Onur urin heojyosso
- Today we broke up

Budi hengbogharago noboda janun sarammannagir barandago
- You told me to meet someone better than you and be happy

Nodo darun namjarang togathe
- You’re just like all the other guys

Nar saranghanda go marhante onjego
- What happened to when you told me that you loved me

Sarjighi na nega jar daenungo shirho
- Honestly I don’t want you to be happy

Nododa yepun yoja manna henboghage jar sarmyon othoge
- What am I going to do if you really forget about me

Nan irohge himdunde himduro jugenunde
- I’m in so much pain, more pain than I can bare

Ajigdo nor namu saranghannunde
- Because I’m still in love with you

There’s someone I’m in love with
Although I can’t be with her now
I’m still in love with her

Shopping Freak..


A usual today, me and persatuan babi did SDP meeting..There are just 3 of us in the ITB..Oh no..And for your information, concourse gonna have a fans at every Tiang..So, no more HOT, no more SWEAT and there will be a dramatically increase number of Gossiping and ALERTing at concourse..hee..

We did SDP till 4 pm..Persatuan babi lunch at da mall..Hee...After meeting, Wan and me went to sport's shops to survey something..hee...And as a conclusion, lain yang ku survey, lain pulang yang ku dapat..I bought sport's shoe..ADIDAS my favourite brand...hee...After sent Wan home, I went home at around 6.30 pm...

After that, I continued my shopping with my sister..She withdraw some money, and me as a driver will be paid by $, kurang jua kapih..hee...We went to Batu Satu Knic Knac to look for the gift..I think this month gonna be a my family birthday month..I had to buy 6 presents for 6 persons..Oh no..Gonna be Kapih again..Then, I ended my shopping at around 10 pm..Then, I took a rest and now I wanna watch korean drama..Tomorrow I will go to ITB again to do SDP...Ngalih but enjoy..hee...



Last nite, Persatuan babi together with 3 dudes went to Seri QLap cinema to watch hancock..Before I forgot, thanks to Mysterious person for treating us a ticket..hee..Hancock is really funny and nda nyasal miat..hee...

Then, after watching, we went to excapade to have our dinner..I don't know how many times did I went to excapade for this month..hee..But as overall, we're having fun.. As there's a moment that I might not forgot..Oh no..I don't want to mention..haha...Hanya persatuan babi and 3 dudes aja yang tau..haha...


Today, me, Babi Kampong and Azie went to big papa's to have our lunch..It's been a long time we didn't have a lunch with azie..Hee..Sori babi bandar..kami nda bawa ko..bukan salah kami tu..hee..ko paham kn...haha.. :P