Helloo...Welcome to my blog. Birby Nanako is my nick name..I will write blog when I feel bored..



Today, I did shopping from 2.00pm till 8.30 pm...I had upgrade my time of shopping..Hahah..As usual I am the driver..I like driving, it's fun...At first, we change money it RM..Kan keLimbang..Haha...

Me out shopping with Meng (Sis) and Wiechan (bro)..We're going to Gadong and As usual my favourite shoppin complex HuaHo Tanjung Bunut..Actually, I had book a room at excapade..We wanna dine in for dinner..Yea Yea..Again, I've been treated..Today Both of them treat me for Sushi and macam2 lah yang kami makan..Only 3 of us went there meaning we have to pay a charge of $15 for the room..Never mind, as long as we're having fun eating..

Mayb among us, I'm the freakiest eater..haha...I ate most of the sushi...even the Don, I had clean everything..Haha...Never mind, I'm going to continue my diet this holiday..To person who are betting with me, so just wait and see...Haha..I lose weigh and you gain weigh..It's gonna be ideal..Haha...Pasni nda ku makan langsung..Haha..Banar kah 2? Liat tia karang..sekalinya labih makan...Cool tu eh... ahaha...



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