Helloo...Welcome to my blog. Birby Nanako is my nick name..I will write blog when I feel bored..

My Minor Updates

Long time no blog...Aku baru jua balik dr somehwhere so mayb isuk kali aku update...coz, im really tired today..I just went home at around 10.30pm..Then take a shower, chit chat with durang CIS..Then, since tired, so I left the conversation..Hahah..Nevermind, Nanti aku asi2 minta invite gi mun ada group chat..haha...

Actually I wanna sleep early today coz i need to go to ITB on the next day to do discussion..But then, since I haven't surfing internet for about 5 days, so I surf, checked for my Ikariam, and checking my facebook which are totally not active also as usual reading the blog..There a lot of blog being made so I read till 1.10 am..I like to see Juan picture blog coz I saw cTangan...He look gorgeous..Hebat kali ia Karate/Taewondo..Antah lah..Haha..Yang penting ada ALERT lah..Manakan hilang mengantuk..HAHAH.. GATAL....Oh no, it late already..But, still I wanna write a blog..My eyes still not sleepy although my status at MSN is "Sleeping Beauty"..Hee..


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