Helloo...Welcome to my blog. Birby Nanako is my nick name..I will write blog when I feel bored..

My Wednesday


As usual today I had a meeting with Gjul B and Dynie for our NAM assignment..Oh no!! I'm Late...I know I'm a janji melayu..Haha.. I'm late for half an hour..Suppose we did meeting at 9.30 but I came at 10.00 am.. Hee...Luckily they were not angry with me.. Then we did meeting till 12 noon..

Then, me with persatuan babi and Gjul B and da gang went out for lunch at's been a long tme I didn't come..There are a lot of food which makes me difficult to choose..Finally I ate Nasi katok together with Milo shake..Hee...

Then we went to the Mall..We did shopping till we're tired..And this is a great window shopping..ALERT!! I saw cTangan and cHot..Wow..They're still gorgeous and Hot..hahaha...But now, cTangan gonna be my first list..haha..Unfortunately, at ground floor I saw a freak person..Who? ALERT again..cPhotocopy and cCina..I don't want to talk more about them..

Then, after mall, we went to Plaza Athirah..We went to all textile shops...Hee..But i didn't buy any of them..Yea Yea..I manage to control myself from shopping..Walaupun banyak dugaan..Haha..Then we went to First metro and Amy bought Chiffon and some Kain..hee...Again, congratulations to me..I didn't buy anything even at First emporium..Hahah...

Finally, we went back to ITB again to get our car coz we're just joining Gjul B's car..Hee..Then, we went home..Then, at home I played pingpong with my bro from 9.30pm till 10.45 pm..haha...Still no improvement..hee..




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