Helloo...Welcome to my blog. Birby Nanako is my nick name..I will write blog when I feel bored..

Shopping Freak..


A usual today, me and persatuan babi did SDP meeting..There are just 3 of us in the ITB..Oh no..And for your information, concourse gonna have a fans at every Tiang..So, no more HOT, no more SWEAT and there will be a dramatically increase number of Gossiping and ALERTing at concourse..hee..

We did SDP till 4 pm..Persatuan babi lunch at da mall..Hee...After meeting, Wan and me went to sport's shops to survey something..hee...And as a conclusion, lain yang ku survey, lain pulang yang ku dapat..I bought sport's shoe..ADIDAS my favourite brand...hee...After sent Wan home, I went home at around 6.30 pm...

After that, I continued my shopping with my sister..She withdraw some money, and me as a driver will be paid by $, kurang jua kapih..hee...We went to Batu Satu Knic Knac to look for the gift..I think this month gonna be a my family birthday month..I had to buy 6 presents for 6 persons..Oh no..Gonna be Kapih again..Then, I ended my shopping at around 10 pm..Then, I took a rest and now I wanna watch korean drama..Tomorrow I will go to ITB again to do SDP...Ngalih but enjoy..hee...



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