Helloo...Welcome to my blog. Birby Nanako is my nick name..I will write blog when I feel bored..


Before I start continue doing my assignment again, I wanna write a blog first...This month is a worst and tiring month...All our entertainment being change to Assignment Entertainment...We're hangout in school and house..We're just watching laptop instead of TV...We're drinking Coffee to avoid sleeping instead of water..We ate junkies instead of rice..Oh no...What a great month and a great assignment..

Tommorow, we're going to submit NAM assigment...Luckily we've done everything by today..Meaning, less stress..But, there are still 4 another assignment waiting which are due in the end of the month..Also SDP......Oh my god!!!!!!!!Ngalih yo...Sampaikan stress tak terkata...I'm going to do MWA assignment..Now, needs to do coding...Ngalih eh...

Ok Then..Sampai di sini luahan perasaan..Also sorry not updating the blog lately...No time...I'll update once our assignmet done.............. :)


I think yesterday, if I'm not mistaken, me and my frenz went to gadong properties to eat dimsum..Yippe...Yummy...There are new gang join us..Izzat and Mawar..Welcome to the club..haha...We're having lunch and we're just ate dimsum...Chatting and joking..hehe...No one to alert...Except durang sendiri lah yang jadi mangsa alert..haha....

Fun Wok Hongkong restaurant

I forgot when did I went there..I had a dinner at new restaurant at Kiulap next to Fun Donuts..Fun Wok Hongkong Restaurant..The restaurant is comfortable and the menu is variety..For your information, Dim sum will only available till 5.30 pm...Boring..I wanna try Dimsum...But, the food is nice..I ate chicken mushroom with steam rice in Wok..Very nice...You should try...Ok then..Bye..

Pantai Serasa

Sori for not blogging for a long time..RINDU kamu??Mun rindu, aku buat blog ah..I think last thursday kli..Kami went to PANTAI SERASA outing with my family...Kami dsana dari pukul 5 sampai kul 10 malam...Planning kan dsana smpai kul 11 or 12 mlm..Tapi hujan tia..Lebat gi tu..So cancel plan..I didn't take a lot of pictures..Here are the picture that you MUST see....



Today, we spent lots of our time in novell lab..At first, me, Gjul B and Dynie did our NAM assignment..Then, during lunch we eat NASI TAPAU only...

While waiting for our AP tutorial, we stay back in novell lab..EH!!what is in my bag??Yippee!!Whiteboard marker pen..So, I took out and draw house on white board..I'm not an emmie continue did drawing..OK..Better than me...Wow..anoter creative guy..Gjul B continue drawing something on the board and finally continue by Wan..They're all creative..I'm just watching and give comment yang Hayung..hehe...I took a picture of 1st draft drawing..Finally, the drawing being edited by Gjul D and Dynie....They're even more creative than us..congratz for them on drawing a HULK successfully..haha..

WOW...Is It a show of Mc Donald?haha...

Drawing + teaching each helpful and creative we are..hehe..

FINAL DRAFT....Lupa ku ambil gambar cBone..hehe..


This is the best picture I saw which I'm going to FLYING KICK the person who drew this..Hahha..


While I have no ida on NAM assignment, so i spent my time to answer this tag..Is it an exam..haha...Thanks to Juan for tagging...

1. Tell us your name
Birby Nanako

2. Three things about yourself
Talkative, easily bored, HAYUNG

3. What’s in your playlist
Banyak..ku categorze jadi:

4. Your favourite music
Music palyed by Bond (Violin)

5. Favourite guilty pleasure
anything especially barang barbie

6. Favourite food
any Noodles

7. Define love
Love??It's a feeling between two or many person..It can be used for family, lover, friends..hehe..If he/she is your soulmate, love will be stronger..Hehe..macam banar aku ah..SiTau...

8. Define sex
Don't know..I'm innocent..hehe..

9. Any celebrity crushes
Currently, Kim Jae Won (because his cuteness)

10. The last person you hugged

11. The last person you talked to
My mum..Good nite greet

12. The last time you cried
balum jua lama..nda ku ingat haribulannya..

13. The last time you had sex

14. The last time you made out

15. The last person you dated

16. The last time you went out
today..after schooling

17. What’s on your mind now?
Mau baik dari damam and headache...

18. What’s bothering you?
Kan bali barang Lulu belle...kan bali necklacenya..

19. This year’s resolutions
kan jadi anak yang baik (macam biasa..kanak2 punya resolution..hehe)

20. Your MSN nick

21. What’s your MSN nick about?
Semangat kan makai baju buatlah arh nick..No history with my nick..

22. The people you miss the most
My FRENZ from primary school, secondary school (sort of), MD, sekolah ugama

23. Current mood
Moodku baik sikit...nda mental..

24. What are you thinking?
"apa kan ku jawap tagging ani ah.."

25. Best childhood memory
waktu aku di Kampong ayer..bermain sama kazen and kawan..siukkkk.....especially main setem..hehe...also, sungkai tengahari sma adiku n abangku..haha..

26. 3 of your biggest fears
Allah, losing someone I love, mun muscle pain..(sakit kali ah..)

27. Who do you love?

28. 3 of the things you hate
kana tipu, backstabbing, sombong+siuk sendiri

29. Do you blog?
Of course..Kalau inda ku blogging, bahapa tah aku buat jawapan ani..haha..emosi aku ah..

30. Tag 6 people
Is it a must to answer??Malas ku kn tagging urang..nda jua krg kana jawap..haha....

P/S : Sebarang pertanyaan, boleh tanya direct to me at counter 6... :) peace..

AZIE besday+ALERTing


Today, I'm ALERTing banyak orang and barang..

1st picture - ALERT!! c-tangan tu eh...I'm alerting him because of his handsomeness..hahah...Meaning, aku nda ucapkan ia..mana tau ia baca blogku..haha...asi-asi..Pan Asia mukanya tu eh..haha...

2nd picture - ALERT!! Eh..Keta gjul Damit tu..aku tu ngalih bejalan, so tpaksa lah rehat dulu..sal luan jauh parking aku bagi ia post note..Isi kandungannya ialah: "Ko Kambang =P, Birby Nanako"..Haha..sabar saja ah..kepada kawan-kawanku parking tu baik jangan dapanku, karang ku bagi surat cinta...haha..

3rd picture - ALERT!! aku jumpa kereta parking di ITB..ww..Lawa plate numbernya.. 6666... my favourite number lah to the owner, sorry ah..tpaksa ku gambar keretamu tu..just untuk kenangan..hehe..nda marah kan????

4th picture - To azie, Happy Birthday....Lawa zie adiahku ah??tekajut ko kmi bagi suprise party di tampat yang unik ah???hehe..bah atu saja..malas kan ceta panjang2.....


Today at 7.57pm, I receive the message from azie that today is a bestfriend day...Wow..I don't event remember about this day...Haha..Is is correct Zie?Haha...But thanks to Azie for sending the message which means you remember me as a friend, although I'm a bit annoying in front of you..Hehe...

The message is:
Slm Wo ai ni =D
2day is besfrens day. Hope myBestfren wud owes b hapi & felt secure evryTym wit me&wen thinking of our mOment 2gthr..thankz 4 d frenshp u gv*hugz*

I like the message..The I made a decision to check how many fren willing to greet me.. I change my nick at MSN "{[4]TEXT ME} Birby Nanako - Hepi Frenship day..F I rcv 10 text by 10.30 meaning I'm a great fren"..And as a result sharp at 10.30pm I only receive 4 text from my friends which include:

Haha..Never mind, mayb they didn't see my nick..By the way, all of you are my besfren..Hehe...Glad to be your friend..Apa kan aku ah?? kata2 hayung jua ku kuarkan ah...Haha...

HAPPY BEST FRIEND DAY!!!!!!!!!! Eureka..... Haha

Dinner @ Excapade


Yesterday, Me and my family went to excapade having our dinner..Treat by Wiechan...Yippe.. Being treat again..

The attendees are:

All had forgotten their diet..Haha...we went there at 7.30pm..Hehe...we booked a room lah..after That I went to THE MALL to clean up my eyes..Haha..Kalau faham bisai..





While chatting with persatuan babi, I wrote this blog..Today, My sis bought keyboard..It is not an expensive keyboard..this is just for us to play with and to learn the basic of playing keyboard. How happy we are to pla ad try it..Aku wah yang hampeh coz langsung inda tau cana kan aku antam aja..smua pun aku takan keynya a2..haha...But, after that, I surf the internet to check on how to play the basic and how to read the key of keyboard..The keyboard was stored in my my room gonna be BERJURIT again..haha..Oh no...