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Today, we spent lots of our time in novell lab..At first, me, Gjul B and Dynie did our NAM assignment..Then, during lunch we eat NASI TAPAU only...

While waiting for our AP tutorial, we stay back in novell lab..EH!!what is in my bag??Yippee!!Whiteboard marker pen..So, I took out and draw house on white board..I'm not an emmie continue did drawing..OK..Better than me...Wow..anoter creative guy..Gjul B continue drawing something on the board and finally continue by Wan..They're all creative..I'm just watching and give comment yang Hayung..hehe...I took a picture of 1st draft drawing..Finally, the drawing being edited by Gjul D and Dynie....They're even more creative than us..congratz for them on drawing a HULK successfully..haha..

WOW...Is It a show of Mc Donald?haha...

Drawing + teaching each helpful and creative we are..hehe..

FINAL DRAFT....Lupa ku ambil gambar cBone..hehe..


This is the best picture I saw which I'm going to FLYING KICK the person who drew this..Hahha..


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