Helloo...Welcome to my blog. Birby Nanako is my nick name..I will write blog when I feel bored..

My Evolution

Today, I had set my time to createa blog from 9.45pm till 10.30pm.. It's 10.22pm already..meaning,I need to rush..

I've been thinking of what topic should I include..So I choose "My evolution" as my topic.. Firstly, durng my first year, I neither create or join any group..On the early yer2008, we had created ALERT clb. It consist of member...

Then, in the mid year of 2008 again me, wan and chacha and invent the group of "PERSATUAN BABI"..It still on till now.We're still active and still get along wit each other...

Then, I didn't know when we're closewith this 4 dudes..but, I'm happy to be friend of them..They are our friend for eating, watching movie and chatting..also paling siuk BECALI with them..hehe

Below are soe of my collgues who like beig photo and taking a photo..hehe...sory if some of my collegu are not included in it..but u r still my friend.. =P

We're havig our attachment on 31 july 2007 till 28 dec 2007..I'm having attachment wilth bob n Indra..They are my good friend who are willing tohelp and is when aku kenal Indra..He's a good listener...also cBobis a good friend..mun merungut arahnya saja..hehe...ia layan tu...hehe

OK..That's all I can share..I didn't have lots of time to search for the photo..hehe...Oh no..It'10.31pm already..gotta go...Bye Bye


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