Helloo...Welcome to my blog. Birby Nanako is my nick name..I will write blog when I feel bored..

Sungkai at Excapade...

Today, we had a plan to have our sungkai at excapade with A-and..We've plan it earlier already..So we booked a room for 4 person which we need to pay $15 for the room..Oh no!! A-and still and always be the last to come..Memang melayu..haha..But it's ok because he's overslept..Kacian..We're not angry..

I had sushi and tori katsu curry udon..I'm totally full...Macam biasa mun puasa mcm2 kan di order..hehe...We're stayed till 8 pm..after that, me, wan and a-and went to The mall..Chacha went home early..coz she's still wearing Baju kurung..heheh...Valid reason..

mw, wan and A-and walking around the mall..Our main point is accompany a-and to buy Teh tarik Cinema..But what I did was I bought a new sandal..Luckily it's cheap..heheh... Ok then..That's all for today.. :)


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