Helloo...Welcome to my blog. Birby Nanako is my nick name..I will write blog when I feel bored..

MY ACTIVITIES.. Hehehe.. :)


Today, I wake up at 10am..Coz I slept 2am last nite..haha..nda jua luan ahir tu....then, my mum asked me to go shopping with her..I'm a shopping freak..without thinking I just agree with her..I'm too stress keep on looking PHP coding..dari semalam aku mental..nda mau ku buat......We went to Hua Ho and Liangtoon only...

In the afternoon, after doing SDP, I felt very boring..So i surf the internet and looking for blueberry cheese cake, fortunately I found Recipe for kuey teow..So, without wasting my time, I print it and I try lah..NYAMAN panya aku masak ah..This is my first time I cook noodle.THere are a lot of good comment from my sis, bro and MOM...hehe..Bangga ku eh...

In the evening, I went shopping again to buy something..You know what, while shopping at HuaHo Kiulap, I felt hungry..So i went to buttercup to buy something..I found cute and beautiful biscuits..I wanna put it at my blueberry cheese cake as a decoration...Lawa wh..hehe.. :)

Sorry guy, I didn't touch SDP much..malam ni g ku bravs ah..hehe.. :)


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