Helloo...Welcome to my blog. Birby Nanako is my nick name..I will write blog when I feel bored..

Raya-ing and Hadiah-ing..haha

I'm writing this blog while eating my indomee..Hehe..Yesterday, Indra, bob and Me went to our last supervisor, Adini for his open house..Hehe..It's fun..Haha..Ingat jua kisah lama..We went to Saidin's house as well since it's alang2 to just Raya-ing at just 1 house..hehe..

Today, I gave Zetty, my lovely niece her present..actually, her birthday is on 14 october, but then, she force me to gave her present..So bagi saja ca..haha...Suka jua ku miat ia happy tu..haha..Aku wah suka jua adiahku tu..hehe...


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