Helloo...Welcome to my blog. Birby Nanako is my nick name..I will write blog when I feel bored..

Hehehehehee....Smile :)

Hellooo my beloved Reader!!!!!

Hehe..Happy jua ku aku...Yippeeee...Finally, we submit our SDP today...Time for releasing stress..Am I???No No...Hahah..There are 2 more things to go..
1. SDP Presentation (Thursday, 13/11/08)
2.Final Year Examination (Thursday, 20/11/2008 - Saturday, 29/11/2008)

Today, actually I wanna sleep very early..But then, nda jua mau tidur luan awal..So I check up my notes and rearrrange it and print the unprinted notes...Banyak wah balum print...

This is how my room looks like when aku Susun My Notes...Panuh dengan Paper and Habuk...Lama nda ku liat notesku tu..hehe....


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