Helloo...Welcome to my blog. Birby Nanako is my nick name..I will write blog when I feel bored..


Today, I'm not going to post the photo..Malas kan upload..Anyway, today I'm happy with SDP..our documentation is done and all we need to do is just edit2 something as requested by supervisor..And we manage to edit it by today..Yippee!!!!!!!!!!

But, am I happy today????
In the morning, afternoon, I do happy..2 things that makes me happy..Our SDP is done..Nda tau lah ah mun ada ubah g...hehe..And another thing is I'm happy with someone..haha..Malas ku kan sambung ceta atu..

In the night, my mood change to BAD MOOD..I don't know why why why!!!..Yang penting, I'm not in a good mood today..But, I'll smile for you lah ah..haha..Apakan topic ku ni..Antah eh... Bye n Nite..gotta go..I wanna watch "ITAZURA NA KISS" which is the anime version of "IT STARTED WITH A KISS"..I need to finish it up by this week, coz next week, i wanna study for my EXAM....EXAM FEVER........................Hahha...WIsh Me LUCK!!!!!!!!!! :)


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