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Joe Zheng will play the role of Frank who's entire life has achieved nothing, and has to beg for his debts, Ariel will play the role of Zheng Shan Mei, has an ordinary family background, with 3 jobs to support her parents, her brothers, and nephews and even has to send money monthly to her boyfriend who's studying in America .

Regardless of her parents disapproval, Zhang Shen Mei resigns from her work, and decides to follow her love in America to get married, but she just found out of her boyfriend's betrayal, and with no money left, she decided to return to Taiwan secretly and there she met Frank (Joe Cheng) and unexpetedly she and Frank will be living in a worn out house together.

One is lazy and irresponsible, one is hard-working and kind hearted, 2 different individuals who's only similarity is to live for money. Frank doesnt like Shan Mei's eagerness to make a living, but eventually his feelings begins to change, but he only keeps his feelings to himself, he's even willing to leave her if its gonna make Shan Mei's happy. Until one day, Shan Mei found her prince, En hao, who's rich, a kind man, and very considerate, very different from Frank who's irresponsible and does not make any progress in life. But when she's with En hao, she's starting to think about Frank, would she give up him up or not....



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