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Today is a special day for someone who are really close to me..She's my bestfriend for over 10 years..Meaning, from 1998 (we're in form 1) till now...Currently she's not in Brunei..So, I can't give her present..By the way, this is her 23rd Birthday!! Jita....HEPPI BIRTHDAY!!!!Malas ku greet gi...arah facebook sah ku greet ko..ahahaha..

While today is her birthday, I wanna talk a bit about her..Before is a SHY and PENDIAM gal..But, if kami dua orang becerita, non stop..Sejam pun sanggup beceta..mostly, we're gossiping lah...jarang tu kan mbuat homework ah...ahahha..mun bjumpa misti tah bceta..ia ani pun pandai jua becali...ahahhaha..and we're ALERT GUYS also...But now, lama aku nda jumpa ia..arh MSN pn jarang jua kami c8 sebab nda sama masa and masing2 buzy...

Ok Jita..This post is specially for you..Bah, Heppy Birthday!!!! TUa dah tu ko ah...So, GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR STUDY AND LIFE... :) Jangan lupa, balik Brunei, tarus ko lanja aku ah...ahahahhaha... By the way, I happy and proud to be your BESTFRIEND.....Hope our friendship will be forever...ahahhaha... :P

P/S: Sorry jita, ku curi gambar arh FBmu..ahahaha....


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