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Wiechan Bertunang


Yesterday is the memorable day for Wiechan...My Hayung Brother...Because Yesterday (15/03/2009) is their Engaged day...

Zainnul Ihsan aka Wiechan
Nurafini binti Hj Muhd Zaini

Dari Wiechan - Tanda Bertunang

Pembuka Mulut

Tanda kasih 1

Tanda Kasih 2

Tanda Kasih 3

Cincin Betunang

Cincin Pembuka Mulut

Tanda Kasih dari fini

Tanda kasih dari fini

Tanda kasih dari fini

tanda kasih dari fini

Aku, peah and Afsah...they are my frens from MD..It's been a year I didn't meet them...Ehehehe..I'm really happy to see them there...


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