Helloo...Welcome to my blog. Birby Nanako is my nick name..I will write blog when I feel bored..



Today, as usual I work in the morning and internet surfing in the evening..But, today I'm went home a bit left..I left the office around 7.15 pm and I arrived at home around 8.15..It's really tiring..But, it's fun though...Coz, I got work to do in the office..Now, I feel the working environment in the office..

Actually tommorow is going to be my sister's birthday..But, since I came home late, so I can't buy the cake..Meaning no suprise greeting for her today..Sorry...I'll do it next year...ahahaa..

Actually I'm very sleepy today..I wanna sleep early, but I got something to do...But, there's something that ruining my mood...Actually I wanna continue my work at the office to home..Because I wanna edit the print screen I made in the office..and I wanna edit it using Photoshop..But, I wrongly copy the file, in which the updated file still in the laptop which I don't want to open it now...Meaning, I need to continue my task tomorrow...All the updated files are in the office's laptop...Shit....And tomorrow I'm going to ITB with chacha to collect our Rope...eheh...So, apa lagi..??ahahha...

What else should I write in this blog??? nothing??? OK...gotta go no....Bye and Muah...eheehe....


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