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Today, I wanna share about what I watch today..Currently, I'm always watch RTB2...Most of the show are great..Especially the drama series of Korean,Chinese,English and even local drama...I love watching RTB2...

This is what I watch:

1. Doa dan Anugerah (Everyday, 12 noon)
2. Aqso dan Madina (Everyday, 5.30 pm)
3. Who are you (Everyday, 8.00 pm)
4. Aksi video (Every Saturday, 9.00 pm)
5. Local drama (currently, Di hujung pelangi, episod 1, 7.30pm)
6. Adventure of Merlin (Every Friday, 9pm)

Ok then...I just wanna share what I like to watch..ehehee...But, today I'm a bit mental coz the korean drama translation are not translated well...Some of the conversation are not translated..They are just translate the easy one only...ahahhahaha....Membari sasak......

Support Brunei...Support RTB2....Try to watch Brunei TV station and try to reduce watching Astro...ahahahha..Macam banar aku ah... :P


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