Helloo...Welcome to my blog. Birby Nanako is my nick name..I will write blog when I feel bored..

My beautiful day... :)


Today, I think is it's been a week I didn't post any blog..So today, I wana talk about what I did for this whole week..

monday = Work in the morning, then went home in the evening. I had my lunch at my sister's house. She cooked spaghetti. Then, I watch korea drama series around 8pm at RTB2...THen, I went sleeping...

Tuesday = Wake up in the morning. Then went to work and arrive at the office aroun 8.15am. Then, in the evening, I went home and I had my lunch with Nurul at Ayamku Grand City. Then, I went to MINDEF building to collect the form which finally I can't find the building.

Wednesday = Wake up in the morning. THen went to work and arrive at the office around 8.20am because the traffic is quite terrible. Then, I had lunch with Nurul at Nyonya restaurant. In the evening I went home. Then, I went for shopping with my sis to buy the hair colouring. I bought sassy and finally I colour my hair..Un fortunately, the colour is not really get into my hair...Then around 12am I went to sleep

Thursday = Went to work in the morning and arrived to the office around 8.15am. Then, I went to my sister's house to have my lunch and finally in the evening I went home and watch Korean and Brunei drama series..and finally I sleep..I didn't really surfing internet much...ehehehe

Friday = Went to Office around 9am. Then have lunch at my sister's house. Then, went back to office and do the work. In the evening I went home and finally I sleep aroun 9pm without surfing the internet..

Saturday = Went somewhere to do somthing in the morning..Then around 11.45 am, I went back to office..Around 12.30pm, I had my lunch at Ayamku Batu bersurat alone..Then went back to the office..Around 6.45pm, went home and we had BBQ party to celebrate mother's day. And finally I wrote this boring blog...Today, i wanna wish my mum Happy Mother's day and we always love you..You're the best mom that I have..and wish to all Mom , Happy Mother's day.

To those who had lost their mom, don't be sad..Cheers always..Your mom will always be in your heart. She's always be with you forever..She's always love you.. :)


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