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Today, rajin ku dikit...this is because, I'm happy...ehehhehe...Arini, kami nyambut all June's birthday..Sebab atu tah aku kana sambutkan di Excapade ganya ari atu..By the way, thankks to wiechan sal lanja di excapade ari a2..lupa ku buat arah my last blog..ahahha..sal kan kan menyambut sekali gus saja on one date... And this was sponsored by Hjh Masnoh..ehhehe..Since malas kan memanyap, so kami ngadakan by catering saja...tapi we add more food and desserts lah..

Birthday girls are:

Me - 06/06/2009 - Happy Belated Birthday
Hajah Masnoh (My Eldest sister) - 20/06/2009 - Happy advance Birthday
Farah (My niece) - 26/05/2009 - Happy Belated Birthday

This is farah's handwritten..Thanks for the effort farah..lawa tulisanmu atu..ahahhaha

The picture below are all the presents I get today..ehehhe..And thanks to Laila for the present..SHe gave me teddybear, tapi lupa ku the way, I like it and it's really cute..

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